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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we offer free estimates for all tree care. Our Licensed Tree Expert and Certified Arborist will provide you with a written estimate with what needs to be done on the trees and the cost. Feel free to ask as many questions as needed.

No, we will need to be able to see where the tree is located and to be able to diagnose the trees before providing an estimate.

Yes, for urgent or hazardous situations whether there is storm damage, a fallen tree, a branch blocking the driveway, a tree that fell over your house, or any other emergencies you can call us or leave a message, and our staff will be able to call you as soon as possible.

If a neighbor’s tree falls on your property you are responsible for whatever portion is on your property.

You have the right to trim your neighbors’ encroaching tree branches, but only up to your property line.

Usually, a permit is needed for certain towns. Consult with your town if a permit is needed.

Tree pruning is the removal of live, dead, diseased or damaged branches while tree trimming involves the removal of branches that interfere in some way with the property.

Depends on the species of the tree. Some trees you can do all year round and some depending on the tolerance because of the time of year some diseases are active. For example: the American Elm tree is not its best in the summer.

Yes, we are a licensed tree expert and certified arborist. More info can be found on our About Us page.

No, you must obtain a special permit from the town. We will be able to explain better once our licensed tree expert and certified arborist gives you an estimate.

We grind 18” below the stump underground

Yes, we typically remove the wood chips unless the customer requests otherwise.

We are fully insured. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.

Cash, Check, or Credit card.

While it’s not necessary we strongly encourage you to be there, the proposal is made to meet your needs. It always best to look at the property with our Licensed Tree Expert and Certified Arborist to better help understand your needs to be done as well as any problems with the trees we need to be aware of.

Make sure all cars are moved, and we highly recommend removing anything that could be damaged or hazardous.

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